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so how badly has postal service in YOUR country gone down since COVID started? As a Canadian, I was pretty sure it COULDN'T get any worse... BOY WAS I WRONG!
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item being shipped from 200KM away. in the first 8 hrs CanadaPost had it, they got it almost half way here. that was TWELVE DAYS AGO! i could LITERALLY have WALKED there and back by now.
New 18:03
On items being shipped from the US, i've noticed only the slightest delay added. Until that is, it hits the Canadian Border and becomes Canada Post's responsibility... then it vanishes into the aether for weeks at a time. (i live an hour from the border.)
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I've had two pens stuck at LANGLEY HWDC in England for five weeks, 2 pens from Ranga stuck in India for 2 months. I've had a Pelican M1000 sent from England via DHL in three days.
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I've been waiting for a Parker 51 to arrive from France for over a month....
New 22:45
Thank you. This is a perfect example of misery loves company! :P i feel a little less angry now. But I’m still angry... not like shipping prices have gone DOWN. Only quality of service.
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I had a small package of 2 pens sent from the US. They arrived in Chicago the day after they were sent then they sat in Chicago for 16 days. I sent a message to the CEO of USPS and asked if this was normal and why such a long delay.
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Then they safely arrived in my letterbox 3 days later. I suggested she should refund the sender the postal charge for such a poor service.
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It must have been a complete co-incidence that the package moved within a few hours of me sending my email.
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We can't ask any questions on the USPS web-site if we don't have a recipient US zip code so have to find a way of making contact with someone
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Locally, a little slower than usual. Hardly surprising given the pressures they are under.
New 02:03
I waited weeks for a pen from FPR.