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always lots of drama uunder any regent, or republic for that matter
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Numbers from Denmark, bars, cafees, restaurants, night clubs open, and no dramatic increase in covid cases, or hospitalisations
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This will eventually be a global trend
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could this sofa work in a modern home?
New 16:01
the veneer needs refinishing
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1954 new Covid-19 cases reported in Hidalgo County during the five days (Monday-Friday) we get reports. Most were under 20 years of age.
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so, mostly pupils and students?
New 17:58
I can understand that, kindergartens
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Is Hildago a large countly?
New 17:59
Norway is so small compared to many places
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800.000 + inhabitans
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I think our high was around 1500 a day for a couple of weeks, mostly young people, teenagers up to 39, and a few older.
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for the entire country
New 18:10
some were vaccinated, others were not,
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it was a hight lasting a couple of weeks, fell quickly, not much changed in restrictions or any hospitalisations
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not quite sure why
New 18:12
it is not too many for a county that size
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Hildago, five days
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the treshhold is not really the number of infections, but the pressure on the health care units
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A virus never really goes away completely, a strain can die out though
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...mostly it just lives on
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Hidalgo County has about 800,000 population
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and less than 100 hospital beds still available.
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we have had over 100,000 Covid-19 cases and over 3000 deaths so far.
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arrow, wow, cool sofa! Quite an unusual piece. Of course it would work, if you make it work with the other things in the room.
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good morning
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The death numbers are high
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I swore I was going to ignore news and covid this weekend but I didn't
New 06:23
I tell myself that too
New 06:30
situational awarness is a survival trait
New 06:30
being aware of the threat allows me to take steps to mitigate any harm
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We got our flu shots this week
New 06:50
mine last week
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Good morning.
New 07:13
I've never had a flu shot.
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I can't even remember when I last had any flu. Maybe 40 years. No colds either.
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Actually it's probably been 50 years since I had a flu.
New 07:29
Nevertheless, I felt it was prudent to get my Covid shots.
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