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New 11:07
good morning
New 11:07
new pen - FC Ambition
New 11:08
working today! havbe a good one, all, and be awesome
New 15:36
I just got Pfizer.
New 15:40
Yay Ole!
New 16:19
good Ole
New 16:25
I just noticed the April GoPens catalogue is out. Looks like much of it is sold already.
New 16:27
"Ca. 1917 Waterman Tray with its 12 original pens" Wow!
New 16:59
You really shouldn't have shared that catalogue with me...
New 17:00
so sorry lol
New 18:40
gopens...another of the good folk
New 18:40
and you can sign up for pre-release which honestly is how the best of his pens get sold
New 18:41
you will get access a week early IIRC
New 19:33
Yay Ole...for Pfizer!
New 20:26
Thanks, and yay Pfizer. Maby by summer I'll be able to have a small party here. I really need that.
New 20:27
jar Thanks for endorsing Gopens. I really had no idea of how to value them, but they looked serious.
New 04:54
My experience over many many years has been that the pens they offer have always been better than described.
New 07:25
New 07:42
Second Moderna Saturday. Yesterday was a total loss, but I had planned for that. Today is better.
New 07:46
good morning!
New 07:54
Good Morning
New 07:55
Dave, after my Moderna flu-like symptoms I was also very tired for a few days
New 08:36
the Pfizer really had very few side-effects
New 08:37
and at my age most everything they mention as a side effect falls in the pretty common day category
New 09:07
Good morning.
New 09:08
day after Pfizer here. Still zero side effects.
New 09:15
was that Pfizer 1 or 2?
New 09:44
First one.
New 09:45
they will contact me when the 2nd is available. Don't know how long, but they said to call if it gets to 4 months.