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New 05:57
and o'Hare was shut down.
New 05:58
We had to wait until they rerouted planes at Atlanta so there would be a spot open for us.
New 06:00
we sat there in line to take off for several hours but they opened up the bar and food appeared out of almost every luggage bin, food intended for the relatives in New York or Chicago
New 06:01
the music started and the block party started and soo even the folk in First Class were back to join in
New 06:01
both the Pilot and Copilot also wandered in just to keep us informed about the status.
New 06:02
It was both the longest and shortest flight from San Juan I ever experienced
New 06:36
New 06:38
jar: you experienced what we know as "La Guagua Aerea" or the air bus as depicted in the movie by the same name
New 06:41
You should recall that as soon as the plane landed the passangers would clap their hands wildly
New 06:45
as long as it wasn't Airplane!
New 06:51
Actually they wore themselves out clapping and even dancing when the damn thing finally took off.
New 08:15
Good morning all, how is everyone's day today?
New 08:40
postie delivered
New 08:40
so, will put another kettle on, and letter reading
New 08:49
Morning Morgaine, what are we sipping on today?
New 09:08
Epson has updated the firmware on their printers to only work with Epson brand cartridges.
New 09:15
Assam looseleaf
New 09:19
one letter mentions vinta inks
New 09:20
three ink letter
New 09:31
Do any of you use ballpoint refills, and if so what do you swear by?
New 09:38
I swear not to use a ballpoint if I don't have to!
New 09:38
sheen machine in one letter
New 10:43
i swear AT most ballpoints... does that count? :P
New 10:48
lol. you guys ballpoints are really all not that bad
New 10:53
I have a pink bic
New 11:21
uhm... for me? yes, yes they ARE that bad. hand cramps, terrible performance, cramped writing due to the pen and the hand cramps, i keep some around because occasionally i have to write on something that isn't FP friendly. and when that happens, i usually
New 11:21
end up having to throw AT LEAST one ballpoint out, because it failed to write!
New 11:21
hence, swearing AT most ballpoints.
New 11:24
some people even drink Lite Beer
New 11:25
yes, ball points and roller balls are of the devil; souless
New 11:26
I do have some Parker ballpoints/rollerballs - but one, it leaked everywhere, and it is a sticky ink...
New 11:42
the only ballpoint i have ever found to be reliable is a Fischer Space Pen. dead reliable. But not nice to write with, so long writing sessions are a no go. quick notes? fine. if you don't have a pencil around.
New 12:04
I've used a Parker jotter for years. Works OK, but last time I really needed it to work it failed. Ballpoints are all crap.
New 12:05
If you're going for a throway the ALWAYS works and writes really clearly, go for Stabilo point 88.
New 12:48
New 12:48
and now you are officially a snailmailer!
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New 15:12
trying to come up with 3 more questions
New 16:26
New 22:33
everybody is sleeping
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