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10 day forcast shows a cold front sweeping in. One day high only 98F/37C
New 14:14
sorry about that, but so far still on the very hot side
New 14:14
cold ehre too
New 14:15
13C, rain, and I were soaking wet when I came home.
New 14:16
closest major city to where I live is Monterrey, Mexico
New 14:17
about 5 million population and major industrial center
New 14:17
and it has run out of water
New 14:17
reservoirs down to only a few day supply
New 14:18
major drought
New 15:12
well, some have it some don't
New 15:13
we have water shortages too, but mosty the water reservoirs that also exports electrical power
New 15:14
I can't say I feel it, I live in rainy spot,
New 15:14
I go to holiday in Germany and Italy, and you would not belive the showers and lightning we tend to get in the evenings
New 15:15
it is a few years since I have been outside Norway
New 15:16
my roses are blooming, I really need some nice weather
New 15:17
the lawn can always do with a bit of rain, but I rather have the hose out
New 15:24
It has rained all !!! day
New 15:56
have you seen the british politicians in the parliament, hooting and knocking on tables. There is this odd "polite speach" combined with a good portion of hooligansim
New 15:57
Boris is in trouble again
New 15:57
it would be intersting if he manages to keep on
New 15:58
lol, just answer back and keep on going
New 16:01
we have a power crisis
New 16:29
cool and rainy right now
New 16:29
stay awesome jar
New 17:00
at my age the biggest desire is to stay vertical and on the green side of the grass. Awesome would be a bit of a stretch.
New 17:27
from some of what you have shared and done you, sir, are awesome.
New 17:28
so says me. so there
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