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New 07:27
that is some sheen!
New 07:28
it looks nice
New 07:28
nice is the bare minimum word for it
New 07:40
I'm guessing it works best with a broad wet writing nib.
New 08:11
There will likely be people that like it. Let Mikey try it.
New 09:11
mikey likes it!
New 09:43
haha, well that shows how old _we_ are.
New 13:36
old enough to know better?
New 13:37
...still too young to care!
New 16:03
I just emptied my inbox on my main email account - 15 thousand messages!
New 17:25
my default is to delete anything over two years old
New 17:59
... wtf so many?
New 17:59
get that spam filter working!
New 18:09
It appears I have an email....
New 18:29
email sent
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New 18:32
well, I suppose I could have written and mailed a reply...
New 19:51
Digger, I don't have that much smap, I just do a lot of email. Also that was about 5 years worth.
New 19:52
I archive them every few years, and I can search years of email in a split second. Claws-mail is extremely versatile, fast, and it scales for people like me.
New 19:53
(delete the "smap", no idea what that was) lol
New 21:05
curses, Vannes is out of KWZ Standard Gray Plum - I was really looking forward to that. I'll probably never get it now.
New 21:06
... got 8 bottles in the shopping cart now though (2 are for giveaways though) so I'll have to be happy with that
New 21:19
more cursing, Vannes doesn't do USPS any more, so I had to opt for a courier. I chose DHL which I think is reliable, whereas UPS isn't. We'll see.