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New 08:19
curious discovery... i got some ink from a black Cross porous-point refill on my hands, and when i washed them the stains turned blue
New 08:19
tamper evident - evidently
New 09:01
lots of black can have a hint of other colours
New 09:01
New 09:02
black absorbs all light, white reflects all light and I guess all colors happens within that spectrum
New 09:03
if we hav a full palette of colors, we are suppose to be able to blend them into black
New 09:04
on the other hand, black pigments like charcoal are often used, not sure where they get the black from
New 09:04
indigo can be nearly black
New 09:07
I guess they have to be inventive for fountain pen inks, even refills
New 09:08
is black when comes out of pen, but becomes a very typical blue when washed - but still washproof, apparently
New 09:08
what are the common black? india black, charcoal, burned bones, burned woods of various species
New 09:10
human hair is intersting comparison, we might say it's black, but it can lean towards brown, even blue in some cases. I guess it's a bit like raven feathers
New 09:10
that's how to investigate the inks, dilute and let it seep into blotting paper
New 09:10
a bit like a DNA test
New 09:11
Pelikans fount india is pretty black, what ever happens to it
New 09:12
yes, i know chroma test - good idea, will try right now and let you know
New 09:17
mostly indigo with edges of a greenish yellow
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New 10:03
I can't copy and paste from the chat, it acts up
New 10:03
marking off a line is somehow impossible to
New 10:07
charcoal is very stable too
New 10:19
I typed in the address manually, nothing
New 10:23
chatbox doesn't handle https - just remove the s and the link will work
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New 14:58
a cat and a dog
New 14:58
it worked
New 15:00
I'm not sure about the tale on that cat
New 17:01
A cat walked into a bar and said, "Me ow!"
New 17:02
kitten academy kittens are still aslee[
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New 18:25
did you notice the parker 21 thread?
New 18:25
the section doesn't look like parker 21?
New 18:26
I used to have one of those, a few really, but that was before I did full assemblies
New 18:41
disassembly rather
New 07:03
G'morning y'all.