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Good Sunday morning y'all.
New 13:09
Hi, glad to have just joined. Love collecting and using fountain pens, but I didn't here on those Google search terms. I got here searching requirements for US postcards, and using 4 x 6 unruled index which I plan to use making postcards .
New 13:14
Continuing, Will drop pre done cards off in St Croix, US Virgin Islands, pre US Stamped, with dymo label address, message and map on reverse. Anyone know of problems with idea so long as index card is stiff and no problem with dymo or avery label use.
New 13:21
The card stock may lend itself to feathering. Cheaper cards in particular might not work well. Try out the card stock first before stickering the cards up. Use a wet pen with a med or broad nib
New 13:23
Sorry for being verbose: I like cheap Jinhao (chinese) , fat like Mont Blanc 149 pens. I leave it to my wife , the real collector, to get the good stuff. Her best purchase: Mont Blanc 149, NIB at estate sale for $60.00.
New 13:25
By NIB, I meant new in box. Thanks for advice.
New 01:21
$60 NIB at an estate sale? Sounds like Sum Gai died. If so, bad news for the pen collecting community.