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New 11:25
New 13:19
having a heat wave
New 13:44
it's called summer
New 13:47
New 13:47
here summer, 10C winter 10C
New 13:48
at the moment, night 14C
New 13:49
I hope for 25C
New 14:41
even 30C
New 14:41
20C at night is regarded as tropical night
New 14:41
hardly happens
New 14:42
...well, maybe a few nights in summer
New 14:55
we usually have as many as a half dozen 20C days a year and more if yo look at only the nighttime lows.
New 14:55
New 15:20
do you grow roses?
New 15:42
New 15:42
don't grow anything
New 16:33
maybe only cactus survive those temps
New 16:39
my sister can grow anything and this area is famous for citrus fruit
New 16:39
the town is where the Ruby Red Grapefruit was developed
New 16:40
but citrus are winter crops
New 16:40
the harvest is around Christmas time
New 16:41
this time of year it's sugar cane, onions, flax and rice