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We at FPGeeks feel it is important to be able to inform others about a good or bad experience you may have had with a company, restorer, or nibmeister. If someone or some place continously provides poor service people should be aware of their reputation before spending their money or sending off a treasured pen to be worked on. On the other hand, if you have had great experiences please share those as well.

Now, we know emotions run high when someone is left with a sour experience. Because of that we will be watching each and every post that is made in this forum. Keep your posts civil and objective. We only want the facts. We don't care what you think of the person who did the work. His personality is not being reviewed, his work is.

Remember, customers have a reputation among restorers just like restorers have a reputation among customers. When you leave negative comments about a company or person they will be contacted and given a chance to respond. There is zero tolerance for libelous statements made against someone and you will get no warnings. This is the only forum where breaking the rules will get you suspended. The next offense will get you banned. If you're unsure if your post conforms to these rules please send a PM to one of the admins.
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