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New 22:19
what's up?
New 22:25
can't sleep
New 22:48
So, Cross not only replaced my Peerless 125 fountain pen, they then sent me a rollerball version.
New 22:48
But I am an honorable gentleman and notified them, so they are sending a package to send it back.
New 22:49
Almost had the desk set.
New 06:35
they do have nice customer service
New 10:35
G'morning all. Temp might actually make it above freezing today.
New 11:11
Hello there. I am browsing the list!
New 11:12
Address book
New 13:03
New 14:39
I'm nice and clean now
New 14:41
That is, until I got sauce on my dressing gown as I eat!