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New 12:34
I have a pot of ravioli with italian sausage in curry sauce, so all is good
New 13:08
Very wintery comfort food, is the weather cold where you are Although?
New 13:12
am whittling down through my reply pile
New 13:12
I am using ink, so perhaps I need to order replacements!!!
New 14:03
i am at the bottom of a bottle of Mysterious Blue.
New 14:04
but i don't think i'll buy it again even if it's my go-to ink
New 14:04
until i use up everything else i have
New 14:13
Tomorrow night around midnight winter is supposed to get here. Today we are near 100 and tomorrow near 90 but then over night temperatures plunge into the 60s and will stay untill Thursday
New 14:31
my bottle of Diamine Imperial Purple, purchased autumn 2011 (before Ancient Copper came out but was announced) is 75% empty
New 06:27
more thunderstorms today
New 06:53
Happy Ides of October, y'all.
New 08:21
first band of thunderstorms has passed.