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New 09:02
Get well soon arrow!
New 12:14
Thanks Yazeh
New 12:15
a bit of ache and pain, hard to find rest
New 12:15
I guess it just had to happen sooner or later
New 12:22
New 12:28
heaps of that stuff around still I think
New 12:46
Take care of yourself arrow! Hoping you'll feel better soon.
New 12:54
garden birdwatch this weekend, I usually forget
New 14:13
I haven`t been in the garden much
New 14:38
I like black swan in english roses
New 14:38
I may get it
New 16:56
the current covid can be bad, I washed my bed linens, and I had to rest between the duvet cover and the matrass sheets when taking them back on. Avoid it if you can!
New 17:03
I am in Norway, and we tend to import things from London fairly quickly, not sure what variety it might be?
New 17:04
Could be any where really
New 08:40
good morning
New 08:40
snowing today
New 08:40
the only bird i'm interested in is the snowbird
New 08:40
New 08:57
junhao x750 w/ shin-ryoku