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New 14:29
I misse dmy auction, English time is one hour ahead
New 14:29
almost loke wood grain
New 14:30
I had my mind set on a nice Pelikan
New 14:30
...!!! arghh...
New 14:30
yeah - I've never seen one in person though - I'll trust the seller - FiveStarPens
New 14:30
it went for next to nothing
New 14:30
aw, that's too bad
New 14:31
I shall have to wait for the next pen,
New 14:32
There's really nothing I'm looking for at the monemt. Though I'm somewhat interested in the early hard rubber, so I could be enticed if the price was right.
New 14:33
I paid US$225 for that Waterman, and that blows my budget for the year. lol
New 14:33
I need a bargain priced Pelikan
New 14:33
Thinking about dinner
New 14:34
I'm done with that
New 14:34
will likely eat early then read a book for awhile
New 14:34
oh oh oh, thanks jar. I neeeed to eat lunch. ..... back in a bit
New 14:48
I have several books on the go, I really should finish more letters of note
New 14:48
what's for dinner?
New 14:52
Foie Gras and Ortolan
New 14:55
thinking a tomato stuffed with tuna salad on a bed of spring lettuce and fresh basil
New 14:56
maybe with a bowl of Manhattan Style clam chowder
New 15:11
Manhattan is red?
New 15:22
nevermind, a quick google shows it to be red
New 15:23
That's the good one! I never could understand the white one.
New 17:21
dinner was great with enough salad left over to stuff pita for lunch tomorrow
New 17:30
New 19:23
trying a new Ottolenghi recipe for butternut squash
New 19:33
squash is nice - I generally just steam them
New 20:36
I made ourselves a spaghetti carbonara for lunch just now. Still trying to get the right balance of the how much starchy water to throw in to make the sauce. I put way too much water in this time; sauce ended up smoother but took a while to thicken right.
New 20:50
I've got issues with getting that starch/water mixture right too.
New 02:34
@fountainpenkid, the Otto Lenghi recipe for chocolate cake is amazing, best that I have ever had. He also does a no bake cake, I think it is also gluten free.
New 08:07
food... powers us for the fp hobby!
New 08:11
good morning
New 09:06
do you know about eversharp nibs?
New 09:06
I want a flexy one ;- )
New 09:07
people brag about them like little else, and they are slightly lower priced than vintage waterman
New 09:20
I don't - sorry
New 09:23
people always talk about flex. I am not at all sure it's a good thing. At least not for writing. I think it has uses for drawing and calligraphy. But not writing.
New 09:25
I've got an Esterbrook with 9788 nib. It's really flexible and provides a lot of line variation.
New 10:24
Esterbrook nibs are also steel as opposed to the gold of vintage Waterman nibs.
New 10:26
And Eversharp is simply to undefined. Eversharp made a wide range of nibs from the early very high quality to the later mediocre to poor quality.
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