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New 07:34
yes, but I need some boxes to move stuff into
New 08:31
boxes ordered
New 09:45
-17C nice... what's the windchill -26C
New 10:20
there is no windchill in the house
New 10:21
outside? no idea. seems pretty still
New 10:22
oh wait -18 - I just checked the weather site
New 12:24
19.1 here
New 12:36
No day to receive inks, then ;0
New 12:42
I bought stationery today
New 13:11
What type, ink, paper, or pen?
New 13:23
New 13:42
When I went to the newsagent/stationer for newspapers, saw they had 2 writing sets on sale for 1 so I bought both
New 13:42
20 sheets, 10 envelopes, A5ish, stickers too
New 14:18
Good deal
New 16:36
#10 Strathmore Paper Envelope - Bright White Laid - arrived in the mail today
New 16:48
I'm going to look at more stationery
New 16:57
go go go !
New 17:58
OK, I got Devuan installed. Now to do a few tweaks and decide what desktop I want.
New 18:02
yipee! I can ssh into it now too. All is good now.
New 18:17
New 18:17
anyway, stationery purchased
New 18:25
well Zoom is taken care of by them. I don't have to install anything.
New 18:25
What stationary did you purchace.
New 18:29
in addition to the paper earlier, some washi tape and some stickers, and a wax seal
New 18:29
have you used discord at all?
New 18:42
New 19:12
New 06:26
more ning y'all
New 07:07
Good morning.