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I recently acquired what is supposedly a 51 which I believe is a "Special" but have been told it is an MK1. Blue gray or,,,,,,,Navy Gray, stainless cap with black cone shaped jewel, steel(?) nib. However, I thought "Specials" said "Special" on the converter. This one only says " "Parker "51" ". Also, the number of times to squeeze the bar on the converter is 4. I heard that us one way to help date it as well.
Sounds like my 51 Special:

black jewel - check
filler- hoop aero - says 4 times AND Special and Use Dry Writing Superchrome Ink
Nib - Octanium/steel as best as I can tell - I have never had it apart
Cap - very faint- due to use/polishing - Parker Made in USA
pinhole in bottom of barrel. - check

Mine came as a set with a matching pencil. The date code on the pencil tells me it is from 1953. Even the box that came with it puts it there.
Mine doesn't say special on the converter, though.