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Thread: Ink Suggestion (everyday black; dark, quick-drying)

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    Default Re: Ink Suggestion (everyday black; dark, quick-drying)

    And then there's Sailor Kiwagura Nano Very Black.


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    Default Re: Ink Suggestion (everyday black; dark, quick-drying)

    I should listen more.

    Every review, every post I see, someone is carrying on about blacks. And always, someone along the way softly says ďAuroraĒ. I should listen more.
    I work in a home for two young men with Autism. Active, and loads of documentation. They give us copier paper to write on, at least until jute prices drop. My coworkers are ballpoint-wielding scrawlers with hands of ham, and every form has been handled dozens of times, and is occasionally smeared with cookies.
    But I use fountain pens. Iím adaptable, and determined. Where would I get an italic gel-pen? I knew I could find the answer. But I should listen more.
    So: Is that particular Noodlerís a wet-ish one, or more dry-throated? Did I add water to this batch? (i should label more, too) Kiwa Guro doesnít feather, right out of the box. Win! But the Ballpoint Boys give us transfer, and that loses legibility points with the bosses. Plus, itís great fun to clean from an eyedropper pen. I just had the Speedball, somewhere on this desk...
    okay, okay. Aurora. wow.
    A slobbery Lamy 2000 xf lays a neat, distinct line. On work paper. No feather. No bleed through. Everything is just fine.
    A stingy Conklin stub never skips out, even in flamboyant signatures.
    Cart-fill a Liliput, and I OWN this paperwork, in a hip-pocket friendly way.

    Hat tip to Joe Szanto, who pushed me over the edge. I shoulda listened. Aurora. Yes. Do. Thank you and good night.


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