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Thread: Surprise cheap find of fountain pen friendly journal - Unicorn brand

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    I found these great journals at a great price (about 5usd) at my local Times bookstore. They come under the "Unicorn" brand and seems to have a few different types. All of the different types spot the same paper. Knowing how bad Times are at restocking good journals, I just bought the lot of them. The have these attributes:

    1. Acid free paper (like Moleskine)
    2. Depending on the model (Lettera) has a small envelope at the back of the journal

    The paper withstood most of the abuses of my fountain pens (the thickest I have is a Pelikan M805 spotting double broad filled with Lamy ink) without a trace of bleed through. I even had an ink accident where a big drop of ink fell on the paper. I scanned the accident page and the one with the green ink is the next page. The accident was just contained within these two pages. You can see that in the included pictures which I scanned. As you can see from the scans too, very little feathering is observed. I am using a combination of Lamy and Montblanc inks on the paper. The paper is of a creamy color like Moleskine and is smooth to write on and a joy with matched with my Sheaffer Snorkel or Faber Castell E-motion (this one is a bit of oxymoron as this pen seems to write just about great on any paper). The cover is just your normal thicker paper, but they have a wonderful range of nice colors. The pages too come with this oddly perforated corners which I am still trying to figure out what to do with them. All in all for the price that they come with, I am very satisfied and happy with the performance.

    Build Quality: 8 / 10
    Band Quality: 7/10
    Paper Quality: 10/10 Big surprise here.
    Overall: 9/10

    Green ink: Edelstein Greyish Ink: Montblanc Oyster Grey.

    Inks tested on this paper: Edelstein, Cross Blue, Montblanc (Black and Oyster Grey), Lamy Black and Turquoise. All of them performed normally without problems.

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