Hello Pen Pals!

We have confirmed our tables for the upcoming Ohio Pen Show- November 12-15th in Dublin, Ohio. Looking forward to our first show in Ohio! You can see more at their site: www.theohiopenshow.com

There was a glitch in the site that caused some products to go directly into "My Cart" instead of viewing the item beforehand. This was brought to my attention, and the matter was fixed working with the site provider. Apologies to anyone inconvenienced with this issue!

We now accept Visa Checkout for item purchases! You can use this feature to buy items using Visa's own checkout process. This is their version of the "one-step checkout" process! We also accept PayPal, and credit cards directly thru our checkout system (Merchant Account/Payment Gateway). Secure compliance (PCI Compliant) information available for view on website.

Regards, Federalist Frank