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Thread: Vader's Vault Dark Havoc Lightsaber

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    Default [SOLD] Vader's Vault Dark Havoc Lightsaber

    Vader's Vault Dark Havoc in OSPP Purple - $400USD + shipping

    I am saving up for my (delayed) grad trip in November, so I've decided to sell. The saber is as good as new. I opened up the box, turned it on, gave it a few taps to see Flash on Clash in action, then returned it to its box. The saber arrived on August 19th (ordered in late January). I had someone thinking of buying it, but it seems he lost interest, so here we are.

    The price of $400 is in USD and includes the 2.9% PayPal fee but excludes shipping. It's about $23 USD to ship within BC for the faster option + tracking and signature confirmation. It's about $47 USD to the US. I can also accept payment in CAD.

    Here are the details:
    Pattern: Standard Dark
    Weathering (adds $15): None
    Single Emitter Blade Power Colors ( no Flash on Clash): None, I'm going with Suncrusher™ Below
    SUNCRUSHER™ Blade Power Color choices (adds $39 for power option and includes Flash on Clash)): OSPP Purple (adds $39)
    Activation Switch BODY: Black Anodized
    Activation Button Color: White
    Covertec Wheel: None
    Heavy Grade Blade Substitution (will not be as bright as the Standard Blade) (adds $5): None
    Tip Type: Round
    Tip Style: Shine Through (adds $3))
    ***White Flash on Clash

    + J-Bird
    (Bladeplug length: Standard length (Minimum 1.5" Depth, fits all but Tempest and Imperial Knight)))

    + Blade Dust Cap

    Also includes the charger and the key

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    Default Re: [SOLD] Vader's Vault Dark Havoc Lightsaber

    The Darksaber and custom lightsabers are iconic elements within the Star Wars universe, each carrying its own unique significance and appeal.

    The Darksaber, a one-of-a-kind black-bladed lightsaber, holds deep cultural and historical importance among the Mandalorians. Crafted by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian Jedi, the Darksaber became a symbol of leadership and power. Its distinct appearance, with a flat, angled blade, sets it apart from traditional lightsabers and has made it a focal point in various Star Wars stories, particularly in the animated series "The Clone Wars" and "The Mandalorian."

    On the other hand, custom lightsabers allow Force-sensitive individuals to personalize their weapon, reflecting their personality, skills, and connection to the Force. Jedi and Sith alike often construct their own lightsabers as part of their training, selecting specific components such as hilt design, crystal type, and blade color. The process becomes a rite of passage, symbolizing the wielder's mastery over the Force and their commitment to their chosen path.

    The allure of custom lightsabers extends beyond the lore, captivating fans who engage in the hobby of building their own replicas. Enthusiasts can choose from an array of hilts, colors, and sound effects to create a personalized and unique lightsaber. This practice has given rise to a vibrant community of cosplayers, prop makers, and Star Wars aficionados who celebrate the individuality and creativity expressed through these custom creations.

    In summary, whether it's the storied Darksaber with its rich Mandalorian history or the personalized allure of custom lightsabers, these iconic weapons play a crucial role in the expansive and imaginative world of Star Wars, captivating fans and contributing to the enduring legacy of the franchise.


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