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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhruv View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by AzJon View Post
    I just bought the exact same one with EF nib... for less than $400...
    The post in question. That is public. That is objecting to the price, or at least making them aware that you have paid less for one.

    Minding your own business is not commenting at all and just moving on.
    Okay now I am slightly annoyed. Making them aware, yes, I did that. So?
    I think AzJon's point is saying you paid significantly less for the same pen is the same thing as publicly objecting to the price which is generally considered rude and inconsiderate.

    Just because you found a good deal doesn't mean the price you paid is market value. Contextual factors (such as location, pen condition, seller motivation, or seller knowledge about pens) have a huge influence on prices (both up or down).
    A person on FPN recently found a rare pen in new condition from a small stationary shop for ~$500. The stationary shop didn't know these pens often sell for $800-1200 in used condition, they were just trying to clear out old inventory. If this person were to share their purchase price on a classified for the same pen it could lead potential buyers to believe that $500 is a fair price even though that was a rare find and incredible deal. This will make selling the pen at market value almost impossible.

    By stating your price on the classified listing you're essentially keeping the seller from selling the pen and also creating a hassle for the seller who will now likely have to deal people making offers below what the seller is willing to consider.
    Even if you think the price is inflated it's considered good etiquette to not bring up those opinions publicly. The pen in question had been listed for almost a year without selling, which suggests the price was above market but that's not your place to say or decide (the market was already doing this). I've seen the same pen sell for between $425-700 in the last year.

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