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Thread: Precious Resin

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhosea View Post
    I've long subscribed to the "dodgy translation" hypothesis. They would have been better off with "noble resin", I think, as in "noble steel" (which everybody just happens to know how to translate idiomatically to "stainless steel") or "noble gas".
    That would seem the most likely situation. Someone translated it to "precious resin" decades ago and it just stuck. Though, to be fair, "Quality resin" doesn't have the same price-commanding ring to it that "precious resin" does, even if it is eye-rolling to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jar View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by RocketRyan View Post
    Sorry should have been a bit clearer, in my opinion and with my budget/willing to spend, new mont blanc pens are a bit over priced for what you get.
    I think you can get a comparable product for less, but you are buying a branded product. Bit like an iPhone, there are better phones for less, but if you want an iPhone you have to pay for one.
    This is all subjective obviously, buy what makes you happy.
    Absolutely. For example I find almost all of the low end Chinese pens obscenely overpriced even when they sell for less than $5.00.

    I have three MB and handfull of Chinese pens. All my pens I choose for using them as writers.
    Yes My MB 146 is not the favourite amoung my collection. I am hoping for a nib Swap one day and get to my favourite level.

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