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Thread: Why the level of animosity to Noodlers and Nathan Tardiff.

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    Default Re: Why the level of animosity to Noodlers and Nathan Tardiff.

    Quote Originally Posted by calamus View Post
    I have no problem with Mr. Tardif's politics, but I've never had good luck with his inks. For bulletproof (bombproof, actually, including won't fade in direct sunlight), I really like the DeAtramentis document inks.

    Meanwhile, I'm curious about something related to this thread. There is someone on this forum who says he is Nathan Tardif, but I seem to recall one or more people disputing that claim. Does anyone know anything about this?
    People kindly send me a lot of Noodlers samples, and I have a few bottles from The Beforetime. I just took two Noodlers inks that I disliked, mixed them together, added a shot of yellow and a shot of orange, and got the perfect Murk, which works like a dream in an old Reform calligraphy pen.

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    Default Re: Why the level of animosity to Noodlers and Nathan Tardiff.

    Quote Originally Posted by dkatiepowellart View Post
    Most of his inks that he says are water resistant are often not so much. I test inks like crazy on different sturdy papers as an artist and gave up on his inks. I gave them away except for Lexington Grey, which I use in grisaille (shadow) work -- that way, if it moves a bit, it is okay. I find his pens to fall apart and his inks from batch to batch are so off -- not a teeny bit like a dye lot off -- but sometimes wildly off.

    Depends, some of the ones marked "bulletproof" can settle over time, and may need a really good agitation/shake otherwise you mostly fill with the content on top which may either take forever to dry, or won't be water resistant. (not a huge fan of the pens)

    Far as my perception of noodler's inks in general. They're very affordable, that makes it attractive to new users. But they are also available in a huge range of properties. So where with something like Pilot, Waterman, Pelikan, etc the inks tend to all behave about the same with just different colors. With Noodler's there are the very "easy" inks and the more temperamental ones depending on what you are filling with it. Likewise because of the huge variety, pen maintenance is also much more important.

    Like KTC is a nice purple, but you can't just go sticking it into any pen, especially if it's a cheap one without good cap sealing. And certainly not one you want to run the risk of it drying up in.

    The main four I've kept around and used has been :
    - X-Feather (my every day utilitarian black that's waterproof and tends to behave with most paper, used to use Black Eel before this one)
    - Apache Sunset (easy to clean, nice pretty color, varies on paper depending on nib/wetness)
    - Texas Blue Steel (a Dromgoole exclusive, one of the nicer teals I've had before switching over to Tsuki-yo, runs a bit wet, but is bulletproof).
    - Kung Te-Cheng (Nice solid purple, no real shading, waterproof, doesn't feather much for me, I keep it inked in an eye droppered Platinum Preppy)
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