Hello Pen Pals!

This is an exciting first quarter in pen collecting! A lot of new models/colors coming from these, and other brands!
A lot of these products were introduced at the Philly Pen Show! Some have yet to be released...

In Stock (Available):

Conklin Herringbone

The name is familiar, but these are new model pens! List price on FP is $70
(FP and BP available)

Taccia Spectrum (Demo Pens), and Pinnacle (Aluminum Pens)

(FP and BP available) Spectrum FPs- $159 List/ Pinnacle FPs $149 List ($159 Music Nib)

Also in stock are the latest colors in the Monteverde Tool Pens!
Copper for the Regular Tool Pen Line, and Ocean Blue for Tool 60 BP Pens!

Coming Soon!:

Conklin is introducing 3 additional new products, along with the above Herringbone:
-Stylograph FP with $85 List- 3 Colors
-Victory FP with $50 List- 3 Colors
-Minigraph with $50 List- 3 Colors

Victory FP in Cinnamon Brown-

Happy Shopping!

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