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Thread: Have I just ordered a fake Brown Safari?

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    Default Re: Have I just ordered a fake Brown Safari?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyril View Post
    I bought 3 pens Safari they all came from Hong Kong. it is too late to find the truth I gave them up all hopes.
    Weird. I have all three. A couple of each I think. Still sealed. 100000% legit (bought them myself at the LINE store in Korea). And I could not sell them. Couldn't give them away. They sit on my shelf.

    Yet to save a few bucks every month or so, here and on other fora someone posts a fake they get ripoff on.

    One tip: If they don't come from Korea. They are alreay likely not real. I say likely because when I was on line at the LINE store there were several Chinese tourists who were also on line to buy them (the tour busses are coincidently right by the Lotte Store where the LINE shop is) so presumably some real ones exist in China but those folks on line with me looked like they were buying them for themselves not to sell.

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    Default Re: Have I just ordered a fake Brown Safari?

    I remember seeing the brown version on ebay for a while and was almost tempted to buy one for myself, but the selling price went too high. It is only a Safari after all.
    I can see why some might buy a made in China version rather than pay the inflated prices that I saw on ebay.
    Regards, Chrissy | My Blog: inkyfountainpens


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