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Thread: How to lubricate your Pelikan piston?? avoid the wrong ways!!!!

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    Default How to lubricate your Pelikan piston?? avoid the wrong ways!!!!

    There are many threads and blogs that talk sabout lubrication of stiff pelikan piston and whether you should use silicon grease, vaseline or any other lubricant and whether you should lubricate your piston in place or disassemble it

    the truth is that

    1. NO lubricant is required for the smooth operation of the Pelikan piston , only part in which is silicon grease applied is between the brass housing and the piston turning knob and piston rod in m800 and m1000 and around the thread of the nib unit in c/c Pelikan pens like p3110.
    2. Silicon grease usually used to lubricate metal moving parts especially in watches and despite its safe for plastic and wouldn't erode it it actually bonds to the plastic and once its in you cann't get it out and by time it actually get dried and absorb ink then it acts as a break pad making the piston more stiff then you repeat the cycle you end up with broken piston . this is guaranteed.
    3. The main problem which causing stiff piston is ink residue between the piston seal and the barrel and behind the piston seal which is not accessible for cleaning with the normal cleaning method of filling and emptying the pen several times , usually .

    Heres the Right to free your stiff pelikan piston

    1. Clean you pen by emptying the ink and put the nib under running tap water and cycle the piston 3-4 times or untill the water run clear.
    2. Fill a deep dish which can accommodate your pen horizontally with plain tap water or distelled water.
    3. Completely submerge your pen horizontally in the water, then cycle the piston about 9-12 time or untill you feel it smooth as new, what happen is actually when you cycle the piston the anterior chamber for the ink is getting flushed with water through the nib , while the turning piston knob will absorb water through the piston thread resulting in flushing of the posterior chamber and removal of ink residue and free smooth like new piston.
    4. Now when the piston runs smooth , lift the piston knob in full position and remove your pen from the dish , then empty the pen from water and remove the nib and put it to soak in glass of water , and while the piston knob is in the empty position rinse the thread in the inside of the barrel in which the nib attach under running water to clean it from ink.
    5.Now you well find a small amount of water behind the piston seal , to get this water out , first blow the piston knob with air, then hold the pen with barrel opening up ward toward the ceiling and piston knob down towrd the floor, put your index finger tip on the barrel opening completely covering it with the piston is in the empty position , now turn the piston slowly toward the full position , you should feel vacuum on you index finger tip and you well see water dripping through the piston thread , then empty the pen by turning the piston knob, then remove the tip of your index finger .
    6. now let your pen and nib dry in air for around 6-12 hour , and your pen well work as new.
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    Default Re: How to lubricate your Pelikan piston?? avoid the wrong ways!!!!

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