The Federalist Pens Papers#9

As I write this, I am thinking that once again I am wishing Pen Pals (and now loved ones) a safe weekend! A couple weeks ago, it was Harvey in Texas- now we have Irma in Florida! I have family on the East Coast of the peninsula, and worried for them as well! Everyone should try to be as safe as possible! This includes heeding evacuation warnings (Yes- you can replace your pen pen collection... but not you/loved ones!)

Be safe this weekend!
Best wishes to all!


Two Shows This Weekend!

Pen Pals have two show options this weekend! There is both the Dallas Pen Show (, and the Commonwealth Pen Show (Boston-! The Dallas Show is already underway as I write this newsletter..

The Boston Show is Sunday (9/10). This is a one day only show that is a vintage oriented. Fed Pens will be there Sunday with New Pens, Some vintage- as well as Inks and Paper. Items of interest include- Montegrappa, Diplomat, Laban, and Taccia Pens. We also have Inks from Robert Oster, J. Herbin, Platinum, Montegrappa, and Monteverde! Paper Products include the new Stifflexible Hardbound/flexible Notebooks!

The show is at the Holiday Inn Bunker Hill in Somerville (Just West of the City).
Look for our tables- Say Hello!

Get a Platinum Preppy FREE at Fed Pens!

We now feature Platinum Pens in our store! As our way of celebrating, we are offering a free Preppy Fountain Pen with every $50 or more purchase all month long! Just spend $50 or more in the store, and then add a Preppy FP to your cart. The Cart will automatically waive the price of the Preppy Pen! You can still use a coupon code to save even more!

Don't Be A Sucker- Get a FREE PEN! If you forget about this offer, I will send you a Preppy Pen with your order! Choose EF/F/M Points in Black or Blue-Black! These pens come with a cartridge, and you can also eye-dropper this pen! They are really cool, and versatile!

New Lamy Products!

This month, Lamy is launching a new product in the US- the much anticipated Aion Model Collection! Available as a FP, BP, and RB Pen, this all aluminum model has a very modern, clean look! The nib is also shaped differently, though the feed is similar to the Safari/Al-Star Pens (This means that 1.1/1.5/1.9 "Joy" nibs can be swapped in this pen!)

Olivesilver Aion FP

Two new models to the Studio Collection- a very nice "Racing Green" color to the standard collection, and a special LE "Piano Black" model! The LE model will come with a 14k nib, and have a list price of $195 ($200 cheaper than the Dialog3 with similar finish!)

Racing Green Studio FP

LE Piano Black Studio FP

We are anticipating these products to arrive in a couple of weeks! The new Lamy USA distributor is based in NYC, and their warehouse is in North Jersey! This is going to be great for Mid-Atlantic dealers like me- who will get products the next business day after orders! There have been price increases on some products- mainly higher-end pens, and refills/accessories (Safari/Al-Star Pens have the same list price as before...)

All for now Pen Pals! See You Next Month!
Federalist Frank