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Thread: A Midwinter Gig

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    Default A Midwinter Gig

    From the Gig Journal, 2007:

    We gave the Civil Warriors a right good twang at the McKinley Grand Hotel, Saturday night. We were a foursome this time; Mike sat in with his marimbula and his left-handed accordion.

    There were 184 place settings in the banquet room and nearly every one of them was filled. The food was wonderful (mostly). There was a plate of raw vegetation, followed by your choice of chicken, beef, or pork and mashed potatoes with garlic and garlic (I gave my portion of boiled squash to someone else). The dessert was a kind of three-layered hockey puck on a cookie, topped with a layer of flavored gelatin and a couple of bilberries. At one point in the meal, I remarked that there were so many bodacious comestibles present; we might could run out of ketchup. A gasp ran around the table and conversation dried up as the guests contemplated the awful possibility. The ketchup dearth did not materialize, however, and the chatter gradually picked up again.

    We started the Grand March at 8:00, and it looked like all 180 guests joined in. On the last trip down the center, they came in ranks 32 wide. Tess led the procession out the front, down the hall and in the back. When they all met in the center and shouted, the roar shook our reverb unit and made the spring rattle. By 10:00, we had lost a few folks. There were only 12 sets of 6 couples for the Virginia Reel. We played "Good Night Ladies" at 11:20.

    So, we attended a white-glove dinner, played music all night, and got paid for it. My kind of party.

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