Hi All!

Yesterday I was packing my stuff, getting ready to move to our new home, and I decided to get rid of a box of inks I bought years ago and I don't use anymore. These are mostly blue and blacks, and I now use almost only greens.

Initially I thought of just giving them away, but then I figured that they could be put to better use That's why I'm launching a charity giveaway for the following inks:

1) A 500 (!) ml of Noodler's Benevolent Badger Blue (a dark blue-black), bulletproof, in an IKEA hermetic glass bottle;

2) Two 90 ml bottles of Noodler's Benevolent Badger Blue (they didn't fit in the half-liter bottle Note that this ink is quite saturated.

3) A 90 ml bottle of Noodler's Socrates (UK exclusive), also bulletproof;

4) A 90 ml bottle of Noodler's Baystate Blue;

5) A 35 ml of a custom mix made of 1/2 Visconti Blue and 1/2 Akkerman Blue-Black (iron gall ink);

6) A 30 ml bottle of Noodler's La Reine Mauve (bulletproof);

7) A 20-25 ml bottle of Noodler's Fox Red (bulletproof);

8) Three 50 ml Montblanc ink bottles (the iconic old-fashion "shoe-shaped" bottle) filled with a custom dilution of Noodler's Permanent Black. The ratio is roughly 1/3 water, 2/3 ink), to avoid its notorious problem of excessive saturation. It's now what I would call a dark grey. I used it as my go-to ink for two years and it worked perfectly in all pens I used it with. If you don't like it you can keep the MB bottles, they're really nice and very comfortable!

The overall value of the inks is around USD 100-150 at least (the 90 ml Noodler's bottle cost around USD 12-14 each, just to give you an idea, and there are 5-6 of them in the 500 ml bottle alone).

Here are the rules to take part in the giveaway:

Step 1: Go on this page and calculate the shipping costs to your country (I've already entered the weight range I expect the final parcel to be, you just need to select your country): this is the only cost I would need to have refunded.

Step 2: Send me a private mail with the amount you pledge to donate to the Lithuanian branch of the international NGO Save the Children: ​Locally known as "Gelbekit vaikus", Save the Children Lithuania takes care of thousands of children in one of the most difficult environments in Eastern Europe: Lithuanian children are among the most unhappy in the world according to a recent OECD survey; local families have incredibly high rates of domestic violence, alcoholism and abandonment, and children always pay the price for this. Bullying in schools and juvenile suicides are at the highest levels in the world, and the limited state budget makes it impossible to implement programs to deal with all these issues. Save the Children does a lot to help, and deserves our help!

Step 3: After a couple of weeks, the person who pledged the most will win the ink set! I will announce it privately to the winner and close the "auction" here;

Step 4: As soon as the winner sends confirmation of the donation to Save the Children Lithuania, I'll ship the parcel with the inks;

Step 5: Once done, I'll send you the tracking number and the receipt of shipping costs for the refund.

Good luck and make your pledge!
Cheers from snowy, cold Vilnius,