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    Default Just Be Aware It Happened to Me

    note - original post on thread below. slight modifications to this one for clarity and placing here.

    since the seller has gone fully public, revealed my real name on a thread, and has attacked me privately and demeaned me, even going so far as to mock and laugh at me, I will put this here, as advised by one respondent to my post.

    I couldn't, in good conscious, not report what happened, though I did try to do it gently. simply by suggesting these things for potential buyers after the seller tried to put it on me. several well-known pen people who repair pens have reviewed this issue for me and advised me that not only was it pre-sale, but even how it likely broke and that the fix done by the seller or his friend wasn't a good one. there was ZERO disclosure about a feed holder crack that I found within days that he also denied, but ultimately provided a replacement once I proved with his own photos as proof it was there pre-sale and not my fault, and then to my horror, a botched pre-sale crack repair that didn't last beyond one inking and cleaning. the pen also leaked everywhere, including behind the feed after the inking. the ink that wouldn't come off of the section gave it away visually until it came apart in my hands and I could see the crack and bad, bad repair even better.

    my fault was being relatively new on this forum, and using f&f, and being too sick after two surgeries to do anything with the pen until recently. I have purchased several other lovely pens without issue here. the real problem here, beyond the cost and inconvenience of any repair I might seek, is the NON-DISCLOSURE of the crack in the feed holder, and the break in the section that was glued very poorly. the seller also tried to say that's how Aurora makes these pens, they glue them together. also untrue according to my sources who know, repair, and own the model. ymmv

    I originally sought only to caution others based on my experience about the non-disclosure. image and original purchase attached.

    finally, my apologies for no caps. my hands are arthritic and I have carpal tunnel. need to preserve what I have for my work. your understanding please with any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. if this violates any rules, I am happy to edit or remove.
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