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Thread: Blotting paper and rocker blotters

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    Default Blotting paper and rocker blotters

    I like having a rocker blotter handy, and I have a favorite that's an antique wooden rocker with a 6x2-inch surface and fat knob that falls readily to hand. I have several other rockers in a small collection, but none are as ergonomic as this one.

    Quality blotting paper is harder and harder to find. Pre-cut strips for rockers can be bought from the online pen shops, but beware. This textured paper from one shop will not absorb ink effectively, and the texture puts down the very ink you just blotted from another part of your letter.

    I also bought a carton (lifetime+ supply) of N.O.S. green blotting paper designed to insert into desk pads, and I use it for that purpose as well as cut into strips for the rocker blotters. Here is a photo of a piece of one sheet. It worked well for the rockers.

    If you can buy a pile of old advertising blotters and cut them to fit, many are excellent at absorbing ink, and many are not. Alas, modern advertising blotters from our pen show vendors are good for advertising, but not much else.

    I found something better. Following a tip, I went onto eBay and bought this photo drying book of ten sheets of drying paper.

    They come very cheap because few people process their own prints anymore. I used to have a darkroom, so I was familiar with these books. They have alternating pages of absorbent paper and waterproof paper. I cut the absorbent into strips for my rocker blotters, and it has been the very best and most effective blotting paper I've found. Note that I find rocker blotters work best if there is a cushion of thick felt(?) behind the paper.

    Have fun!
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    Default Re: Blotting paper and rocker blotters

    Very Nice!

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    Default Re: Blotting paper and rocker blotters

    Really nice.

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    Default Re: Blotting paper and rocker blotters

    If you live in or near a college town, you can usually get blotter paper in large sheets at the campus book store or at the local art supply store. It is sometimes called "bibulous paper" by people in the biology department. The art supply store will cut it to your specification.

    I have two rocker blotters: One is made of cast metal. It used to be silver plated. By now, most of the plating has worn off. The underlying metal oxidizes black. It was part of a desk set and has been in our family since the 1920s. I still have the matching letter opener. The two pieces are very worn and much used, but hey, they were family hands that did the wearing and I treasure them for that.

    The other rocker was made of wood, probably as a high school shop project. The area under the clamp still has the student's name written in pencil. There are tool marks where they ordinarily don't show. The knob is a re-purposed drawer pull. This one is not a family heirloom, but I like it anyway.
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