Hello everyone,

I have an issue with two of my pens. There are from x-pen, they are great, amazing, for the price is very comfortable writing and beautiful design, one of these pens is my daily-use main pen. But there is a problem, they are leaking ink. Not everytime, but sometimes, sometimes when it lays on the table overnight, sometimes just an hour, sometimes when I bring them to job. But leaking. Both of them. None of my other pens are leaking this way.

Leak is on the nib, whole nib covered with ink, and writing part to hold in hand (don't know english name) is also covered. Sometimes they are okay for one week, sometimes leaks 3 times a day.

I think that is an incompatibility with converter. I bought them from pen seller in my country, he is selling them with online convertor, as a compatible convertor. You can easily put it on (with little pressure) and it sucks ink into, it holds it, but sometimes leaks, maybe.

I tried 3 inks from different manufacturers. Problem is same.

Please do you have any experience with these pens with convertors, and is there any more compatible to try?