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Thread: Waterman 7 pink nib..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrawler View Post
    The Pink nib has controllable flex. It is not sloppy like, say, an Imperial 101, but does not need much conscious pressure to open up either. It also snaps back very actively making transitions from broad to narrow sharp and precise. It rewards a fluid hand that does not pause, but writes all the way through. Unfortunately that is not me anymore as I now have advanced arthritis. I used to use it and an early Waterman Persian 94 to write to my mother because she learned to read and write in a style of writing these pens were made for.
    The Hunt Imperial 101 (and yes I have a few that I use) is not a sloppy instrument. It has a high degree of precision. However, it does require skill to use. Perhaps what you are seeing here is that a Waterman Pink nib requires less skill. Don't blame the tools!

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    I happened to buy three Vintage Watermans last week.
    All three pens are great and in good conditions.
    But one pen seems to be Odd as the pen seems a "Franken Pen". It was due to the strangely faded Hard rubber cap and the condition of the worn-out, skipping states of the nib. It write very very dry. Not a normal character from an Old waterman. It seems a nib badly ground by some one like me. So I had desided to change that Obelique italique nib into an old fine italique 14kt Ideal nib . It is temporarly until I fix this nib to reconstruct into a new broad Italique ( by redoing the tip meterial and getting regrounded by Fountaain Nib .com in Spain. I have already experience of there work.

    This pen is a lovely pen . I'll post the rest of the two Pens soon when I get the photos.

    IMG_1767-copy.jpg mb=1&stc=1
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