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Thread: +1 for Kevin, Internet Pens, Danitrio

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    Default +1 for Kevin, Internet Pens, Danitrio

    I met Kevin at the Los Angeles Pen Show and fell in love with the Danitrio pens he had on display. I went back to his table for at least three separate conversations. Kevin spent considerable time with me answering all of my questions very patiently. I purchased a Danitri Mikado with a stub nib - a very special pen.

    Once I had the pen home, I felt the flow was far too wet. I wrote to Kevin asking if sending the pen to a nibmeister might improve the situation. Kevin responded within an hour to tell me that he would be happy to look at the pen and replace the nib if it was problematic.

    I sent the pen to Kevin along with a writing sample. Within a week, the pen was back in my hands with a new, drier nib. And no, I didn't have to pay for the extra service or the return postage!

    The buying experience with Kevin was one of the best I've ever had. So good, in fact, that I can't wait to buy another pen from him! =)

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    + 1

    I've three Danitrio pens from Kevin, two I purchased directly and one that was a retirement gift that I had a good bit of influence in selecting. Kevin's service is top notch - great communication and accommodation for the customer's needs. I can absolutely recommend Kevin as I'm one very satisfied customer.


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