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Thread: Caran d’Ache Ivanhoe mechanical pencil

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    Default Caran d’Ache Ivanhoe mechanical pencil

    Thought I would share with you the one that started it all. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. The chain mall made for a different body altogether. I knew ahead of time it was going to be a heavy weight, but I like my writing instruments that way. What I didn’t know was, I would be getting the pen, then the rollerball. The pencil is in the .7mm graphite size. The Ivanhoe is part of the Various series. The only one I have in that series as all my other ones are in the Ecridor series.
    CdA make great stuff. With the proven track record of the working part, they only have to change the outside and keep the line interesting. And some buying more than what they need. Like me. Guilty.
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    0.5mm vs 0.7mm graphite sizes is much like 9mm vs 45acp...they both work if you know what you are doing. - me

    Looking for Caran d'Ache Type 55 2mm set and Rotation .7 pencils.

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