I posted a similar request for help on FPN, but no one there that is active seems to know anymore, so I wanted to try here.

Does anyone know how to reach restorer Jeff Powers from Powerspenco? Be was an active restorer with a great reputation, then he stopped. Someone posted on FPN he had an accident, and then someone else posted he was called up to the national guard.

None of this would be an issue for me except he has a number of my pens. He has an auto response on Facebook that he is out but will be checking his messages regularly. And I generate read receipts on my emails and none of them have been opened. So emails are not getting to him.

My last email contact with him was around April. I donít know what has happened, if he is back to fine physical health, in harms way, or what. I really donít know. And I am certainly wanting to give the benefit of the doubt. However, I also gave him some pens at the 2017 DC Pen Show, and I think after one year I should be able to get some kind of a status report, if not my pens back in whatever condition if he is unable or unwilling to work on.

Iím genuinely not angry, but Iíd like to get closure here. Nearly 6 months no contact is more than I bargained for.

If anyone has a way to contact him, I would certainly appreciate it. Or if you know how to reach him and can pass it on, Iíd appreciate it. Or, if you simply can share a status update for him, Iíd take that too right now.

Thanks for your help.