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    Default Parker Vector - $14.95

    My first fountain pen was a blue plastic Parker I owned when I was a freshman in college in 1971. I remembered what the pen looked like with its steel faux blind cap, so a few years ago I searched for photos that matched my memory. I discovered it was a Parker Vector, though 1971 doesn't seem to jive with the Vector production years. Well, my pen memory matched the Vector photos. Once I had discovered the model name, I bought a P.O.S. N.O.S. blue Vector on Amazon, looked at it, put it in my pen cabinet and put it out of mind. By the way, they are $14.95 today.

    Today, I had the opportunity to try an experimental ink I was sent from a fellow Geek, so out came the Vector for the first time. Oh, what cheap construction! The threads are molded plastic against thin stamped steel. But look at the luxury! My original pen had only cartridges, but this new Vector comes with a piston converter! Well, the converter is of dubious construction, with a floppy piston that is pulled out and pushed in (instead of a screw). Nonetheless, I'm glad I have it, because I gave away all my cartridges.

    So I put the end of the converter into the vial, dragged the piston up with a fingernail until I had a fill, and inserted the converter into the section. For good measure, I primed the feed by dipping the nib into the vial and pushed and pulled the converter piston several times. After replacing the barrel and posting the cap that fits onto the faux blind cap, I write....

    Goodness, the Vector works! IT WORKS! And the cheap little F steel nib isn't half bad, either. I could use this pen. I could write with it...until it stops. And so I shall. But I don't plan to start collecting these.

    I used the retailer's photos because my nighttime iPhone photos don't do it justice.

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