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Forget the Noodler’s writing fluids, I would recommend ESS Registrars Blue-Black, one of my all time favorites, might even be my number 1 all time favorite ink.

Water proof, top notch behavior,.
The behaviour isn't quite "top notch": it dries out on nibs faster than most inks, for a start.

More importantly, is it a blue-black? It goes on blue, yes. But from the sample I used, it can turn entirely black.
In my experience I canˋt confirm neither your first nor your second point.

This ink starts imho always immediate and confident I never had a dry out / hard start problem with any of my pens.
That doesn't necessarily mean that the ink is "top notch", just that you're being careful about recapping. Sandy1 at fpn is the best ink reviewer on the Internet - she tests for EVERYTHING, with multiple pens and papers - and she certainly found that ESSRI is more than usually prone to drying out. "Top notch" and "tolerable" are two different things. ESSRI is well behaved for an IG ink, but it's no Waterman's Serenity or Pilot Blue Black. It's definitely a usable ink - exceptional for an IG in all ways and well generally very behaved - but top notch, no. Compared to PBB - which is a benchmark for superb performance in every way (except friendliness to sack fillers) it dries out on the nib fast and the writing experience is much less smooth.

entirely black? ... not in my experience.
That's how my sample vial, delivered just over a week ago, behaved. And certainly other people have had problems with it losing too much blue, because there are a stack of recipes online for making it reasonably blue. (Just as PBB is on the borderline of not being black enough to claim to be a blue black.)
Let’s agree to disagree, for me in my individual and personal view itˋs one of the best inks I´ve ever used in many aspects, I do not see any weakness, obviously you have made up your mind and came to another conclusion (or took over the opinion of somebody else you obviously value), fine I can live with that fact.

I also don´t want to comment on your opinion about who is the best ink reviewer on the internet.
I know some of the reviews, they are nice obviously quite good made, but at the end also only an opinion of an individual.
You should have written: ...is imo the best ink reviewer on the internet not claim it as a fact