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Thread: Quick hit: Noodler's 54th Massachusetts

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    Default Quick hit: Noodler's 54th Massachusetts

    I like blue-black and I cannot lie...

    My first Noodler's ink arrived in a Goulet vial. It'$ very pleasant to use in my Montblanc 221 (EF). The nib feels lubricated and slick over the page unlike some inks.

    Flow is good and line with is wider than with some inks.

    I couldn't resist the blue-grey color and it is actually fairly similar in tone to Diamine Twilight but much lighter. Far lighter than the Goulet swatch led me to expect unfortunately.

    As a bonus this happens to be a Bulletproof document ink.

    Dry times are lightning fast, less than 5 sec on Apica. It behaves well on Clairefontaine and my crap notepad paper with no feathering at all.

    Multi pass shows distinct differences and lightness also varies with flow. If I am not careful with pressure I get inconsistent shading word to word, with this pen.

    It may come out darker with a wetter pen and, if so, I might consider it for long term use. Otherwise I'd just as soon use Diamine Registrar's Blue-black though.

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    Default Re: Quick hit: Noodler's 54th Massachusetts

    It's a great ink and I've a Noodler's Boston Safety Pen permanently 'drinking' it!
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    Default Re: Quick hit: Noodler's 54th Massachusetts

    It's a very wet ink and perfect for dry pens, especially with fine, extra fine nibs....I didn't notice any noticeble shading though

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    Default Re: Quick hit: Noodler's 54th Massachusetts

    I've been using it lately. I'm hooked. Love it!

    I bought the bottle 4 years ago, but didn't use it much, because I didn't end up using a FP a lot. So it sat there for that time, and when I put it in my new Kaweco a week ago, it was a light blue, which confused me. Not at all the color I remembered. Then I read that some of Noodler's inks will separate after a while. I shook the bottle vigorously and - voila! Good as new.

    Edit: About ink flowing. The Kaweco blue black cartridge ink didn't flow enough for me. Way too dry. The 54th totally solved that problem.


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