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Thread: Fountain Pen "Hobby" Comfort Zone...?

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    Default Re: Fountain Pen "Hobby" Comfort Zone...?

    I guess I treat my pens with some respect but I'm not overly careful. They are generally there to be used, and those I'm too scared to damage I keep locked up. I believe tools are made to be used and art to be appreciated, and I have pens which fit both categories. I'm not ashamed to have pens which I haven't inked, as they were probably never designed to be inked much in the first place (looking at you Montblanc POA etc), and the artistry is what makes them appeal in the first place. Tool pens though, I don't baby much at all, and I call a 'tool pen' anything I enjoy writing with. Some of these are relatively modest and some cost several hundred dollars, but they go in the pocket with my phone, sometimes in a pouch, but often bare. I do keep them away from keys though - thank God, most trousers have at least 2 pockets.

    I used to be in the watch game but pulled out when I realised virtually all of my watches purchased brand new had developed significant scratches from regular wear and desk diving, and were no longer something I could sell to recoup my investment. I sold the few pristine and fancy branded ones I still had and I now wear the others with the same abandon as you would a G-Shock, and it's highly liberating. I realised as one of the previous posters wrote, I cannot afford to collect something if I can't afford to lose money on it. In contrast, I can justify using the same item even if it might devalue, the same way as I would use a fridge or washing machine. So I ditched expensive watches and diverted my hoarding instinct in to fountain pens ............. I now have far more money invested in to pens than I ever did watches, but each item costs a lot less and is more fun to use.

    That being said, I do get sad when I damage something which was pristine, which is why I have a strong preference for preowned pens. If it's already slightly damaged, another light scratch or mark isn't going to hurt. Obviously much cheaper too and with most teething/tuning problems already ironed out.

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    Default Re: Fountain Pen "Hobby" Comfort Zone...?

    Quote Aristotle by Ptero Pterodactylus on DeviantArt

    (Montblanc 146 - B ..... Blackstone Sydney Harbour Blue)

    ...... so use your tools as long and as intensive as you can.
    Neither your tools nor you will be there forever.........

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    Default Re: Fountain Pen "Hobby" Comfort Zone...?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chrissy View Post
    Maybe it's just me but when I read this it made me feel quite sad. To think that the beautiful pens that we've all seen in your collection are destined to never be written with during all of their lifetimes, as they will pass from your collection unused, to a museum collection never to be used.
    Of course you are right...from a users point of view, but please don't forget, that there is more than only this perspecive existing. The goal of the Museum of desing (and me) is to collect design relevant pens and to document and to conserve these as good as possible for making these public. See here:
    This is a public, not a private database. But if you have a look at Dominic Rothemels site: you will find lots of these informations and pictures as well. This site is also supported by me with pictures and informations. From my point of view it is therefore a necessity to protect these fountain pens from aging.
    I think that from a collectors point of view that's anything but sad, but as already said, this is my own point of view and there are different perspectives exisiting which I respect as well...

    PS: (Of course I have lots of vintage pens for use as well. But if it comes to writing experience, I see no need to use an extremely brittle and also rare Parker Duofold in Mandarin Yellow permanite from my collection for example, when I can use the same nib in an red one, which is far more stable and less expensive to replace. Same with Pelikans, specially the barrel of the early 100's can be quite brittle. Why not use the desired nib in a 1940 model which was made of much more sturdy plastic.)
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    Default Re: Fountain Pen "Hobby" Comfort Zone...?

    Quote Originally Posted by fountainpenkid View Post
    Back when I owned modern pens, I did in fact frequently experience ethernautrix's urge--to "wear in" a brand new pen, giving it the scars of one's ownership.
    To clarify, I don't deliberately want to scratch up or damage my pens -- or any of my things. My thinking is more like I don't want to make the extra effort to keep my nicer, finer, more expensive pens in cases.

    But I continue to do so. Except for the Pilot CH912 (PO), cos (dirty little secret) I have a back-up Pilot CH912 (PO).

    To Miasto


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