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    Here are a couple of pictures of a blow filler pen I found at a flea market. The whole pen appears to be made of hard rubber. The nib is the standard dip pen shape, but made of brass. The slit in the nib does not end in a vent hole and it appears to be sheared instead of cut with a saw.

    The second picture is one of the innards. The knob at the end of the rod has remains of a hardened sac. Presumably, a replacement would be one that is necked down. The rod has a slot cut in its length that takes ink from the sac, through the section, and up under the nib. There is a twisted string that fills the slot and provides capillarity for the ink to flow from the sac to the slit in the nib. The string has a hard finish and is perhaps made of silk.

    Now, if I can only make this silicon pile of plunder transfer the images:
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