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Thread: So, for which things do you use your pens? And how much do you write?

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    Default Re: So, for which things do you use your pens? And how much do you write?

    Matisse did some drawings with even fewer lines than Ptero's. Not sure that many people would call them scribbles.
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    Default Re: So, for which things do you use your pens? And how much do you write?

    I take handwritten notes from textbooks and to prepare for my up coming patients. I also write out my prayers and praise.

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    Default Re: So, for which things do you use your pens? And how much do you write?

    I use fountain pens for all the same things I’d use “regular” pens for. Mainly work related - taking notes, updating my planner, etc... I tend to ink more pens than I can use, because I also play with them at home.

    I liken it to my playing guitar. I’m fascinated with all aspects of it. The craftsmanship, wood qualities, etc... I frequent guitar forums and follow builds by individual luthiers. I can play better than some and worse than many. Some posters obsess about playing, criticizing “collectors”.

    I don’t care that I can’t play like John Williams or Tommy Emmanuel. I know that I’ll never invest the time. I also don’t care that I’ll never write like (pick your favorite calligrapher), and won’t invest the time for that either.

    With guitars, I just like to mess with the strings and hear the sounds that come out, particularly with simple little classical studies. With pens, I just enjoy watching the ink flow, pool somewhat at the bottom of the stroke, compare the colors, etc... I get immense satisfaction from enjoying my hobbies in my own way.

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    Default Re: So, for which things do you use your pens? And how much do you write?

    My pens sit several days without drying out. They only dry out when almost empty.

    I have gone back and forth taking work notes on computer vs. paper over the last 20 years.

    I am on conference calls often with presentations or screen sharing and having to switch between Word / OneNote and the share is a pain. Having to take a quick note.

    I also find it slow and tedious to find my notes no matter how organized in OneNote.

    But loose leaf note-taking results in a mess and inability to retrieve the notes.

    Also, I never enjoyed handwriting with pencils, ballpoint, gel pen, or rollerball. I was always searching for a better pen. Plus my penmanship was atrocious.

    Even so I often write when I have to organize thoughts or design complex systems. Even if I didn't particularly enjoy the act of writing. I can sketch ideas far easier on paper than with a mouse and keyboard.

    Trying a fountain pen changed things around. I finally found a much better pen in my new Pilot Metropolitan. It was actually enjoyable to write. And I felt my handwriting looked better. Those little joys in life do add up.

    After more loose leaf note taking then notebook I discovered Bullet Journaling which is wonderful for me. With the index I can easily go back and find notes and I remember things better. I am way more on top of things doing it this way. I go through a 180 page A5 notebook in about 2-3 months.

    So for me fountain pens were a long sought after solution to an old problem.

    I have thought about finding more excuses to write but I don't see it happening. I've never been into journalling and not interested in writing. More sketching is doable. I like writing ideas in an idea book.

    But if I want to try other inks I should just be willing to empty old ink out of a pen and move on with life.


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