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Thread: Memories of a voyage

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    Default Memories of a voyage

    It was a good trip to the Western Cape - sadly, it was work that took me there rather than pleasure, but in among the noise of another long-haul jaunt in search of that elusive "thing" that helps to build upon the success of work, I did find some time to wander through the antique areas of Cape Town. I spent too much money - Victorian Marcasite for Mrs. Browne and a pen, or two. Or five...

    If you've ever been to Cape Town, you will know that antique stores there are unlike anywhere else in the world, but among the jumble, there are some real gems.

    By way of example, bought for just 100 rand (just a few pounds), I found this delightful lady:


    I could see that, despite her faded charms, here was a lady with a purpose, a purpose I alone had recognised, and a purpose that I alone could realise.

    After a perilous journey home - business class was fully booked, so I endured the 12 hour voyage at the back of the plane, surrounded by the children of others! (actually, as much as I dread long-haul in economy, and the potential disquiet of those off-spring, the sleep-achievement was outstanding, maybe I should book flights which arrive at Heathrow at 4am more often!) - I set the lady on my desk and began some light modification.

    I retrieved two "Kirby Grips" from my daughters dressing table and, having trimmed them to length, attached them in a semi-permanent way to the lady's hands:


    And finally, with a little judicious adjustment of the grips, voila - a perfect pen holder!


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    Default Re: Memories of a voyage

    I love it. Well done you.
    Regards, Chrissy | My Blog: inkyfountainpens

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    Default Re: Memories of a voyage

    Outstanding. That is a really great find.

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