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Thread: Lunchtime ink review: Franklin-Christoph Tenebris Purpuratum

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    Default Lunchtime ink review: Franklin-Christoph Tenebris Purpuratum

    Lunchtime ink reviews! I'm taking one ink to work each day and doing one of these during my lunch.

    Franklin-Christoph Tenebris Purpuratum, dip test with TWSBI Eco 1.1mm stub, on Rhodia dotpad.


    I got a little sample of this from dapprman at the London pen club meet

    This is a bit of a strange one - very dark most of the time. If you get it to shade, it looks very rich. If you don't, it is a rather flat colour. (I made an ink splat with the end of what was in the eyedropper when I got the sample - it is matte and uniform). I get no sheen from it. I think in fine pens it won't look particularly interesting. I'm not entirely sure what I think of it! (Actually, might be one for a vintage stub that's prone to flow differences - you'd see a gradient then!)

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