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Thread: Announcement: Contaminated Monteverde Inks

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    Default Announcement: Contaminated Monteverde Inks

    Apparently, a large number of Monteverde Inks have become contaminated by SitB and have affected all the different colors. Bottles were from the latter part of 2018. This was posted by Rachel Goulet on the Goulet Nation Facebook page.

    "Regarding the Monteverde "bad ink" issue (bottles sold primarily in late 2018 that have a rotten egg smell)....

    Here's a message from Yair Greenberg, the founder/CEO of Yafa who bottles the Monteverde ink.

    "I am personally on it for the past few weeks.
    We are taking steps to avoid these kind of contamination problems and some of the steps are:
    1. We are cleaning our semi auto ink filling machines with new chemicals.
    2. Buying new filling machines.
    3. Changing filling hoses more often.
    4. Buying new inks to replace old ones that showed contamination.
    5. Using gloves and masks when needed.
    6. Working closely with our ink factory and learning more how to improve storage of inks.
    7. Less exposure of open ink bottle to open air."

    If anyone believes they have a bad bottle (even if it was given free with purchase), we ask you to please email and they will replace it at no cost with any color Monteverde ink of your choice."

    I suggest if anyone has purchased a bottle of Monteverde ink recently that they open it and give the bottle a sniff test. Two of my bottles were contaminated, purchased from Pen Chalet. Luckily I haven't used them yet. (Jade Noire and Brown Sugar.)

    All the Best.

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    Default Re: Announcement: Contaminated Monteverde Inks

    My Emerald was contaminated. One other, a red, not sure. I'll sniff again.

    The Emerald Green was quickly replaced, even when I asked for a different color. I think mine came from either Jetpens or Anderson.

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    Default Re: Announcement: Contaminated Monteverde Inks

    Oddly enough, I just received a bottle of Canyon Rust a couple days ago. No issues, though.
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    Default Re: Announcement: Contaminated Monteverde Inks

    My big bottle of Rose Noir smells lightly sulphurous. My small bottles of California Teal, Canyon Rust, Rose Pink and Joy Sepia seem to be fine.

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    Default Re: Announcement: Contaminated Monteverde Inks

    I shrugged off the panic that has been swirling around the GPC Facebook page these last few months. Then Friday I was inking up some pens when I decided to give mine a sniff. Luckily only one bottle seems to have caught the bug. Unluckily it was my beloved Capri Blue.

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