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Thread: Variety of ASA Pens From India

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    Default Variety of ASA Pens From India

    I maintain a stock of pens made by ASA Pens of India that I mainly exhibit at pen shows. I recently received some new items that I am happy to offer for sale here. All nibs can be custom ground at the rates on my website, I accept Paypal, GooglePay or Venmo. Please PM or write me at

    The prices below include the pen with a choice of a JOWO nib in EF, F, M, and B, in a variety of finishes, and a converter. I have some of the 1.1 stubs that are engraved with other brands so feel free to inquire. I have multiples of each model and color way except where noted below:

    Here is a group shot of what I have to offer:

    IMG_4390 by Joshua Lax, on Flickr

    The models left to right are the Bheesma, the Patriot and the Nauka

    ASA Nauka
    I helped design this pen based on a variety of models, primarily one of the early Sheaffers that had the threads at the top of the section. The section ends further to the distal end of the pen so you donít have the section get stuck in the cap. Ed Jelley recently reviewed one with an architect grind I did for him:

    IMG_4398 by Joshua Lax, on Flickr

    The colors left to right are
    1. Matte Black
    2. Red (a little darker than the photos depict), only with clips
    3. Blue, available with or without clips
    4. Ochre (it is a little browner than these photos depict)
    5. Blue and Brown Ripple

    Bheesma and Patriot

    IMG_4381 by Joshua Lax, on Flickr

    Left to right:
    Bheesma Green (clipless pen)
    Bheesma Blue (clipless pen)
    Patriot Blue (only with a clip)
    Patriot Red (only with clip)(a little darker than the photos depict)

    All ASA Pens are $65 plus shipping by USPS. I have a couple of Naukas that are seconds, if interested, please inquire.

    I also have two Constellations88 Elements Sulfur, acrylic, M or F Bock nib (please inquire about other nib sizes) $125. The wooden pens are not currently available.

    IMG_4314 orig by Joshua Lax, on Flickr

    A Note on Indian Ebonite: The ASA pens are manufactured from Indian ebonite, which tends to have imperfections. Although many of these pens are made to be a solid color, they often have flecks or streaks of other colors in them.

    Thank you for your business,


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    Default Re: Variety of ASA Pens From India

    I got one of these Nakuas from JJ in Baltimore.
    It is dope.

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    Default Re: Variety of ASA Pens From India

    Message sent


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