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Thread: G.Mazzuoli Moka Chiaroscuro

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    Default G.Mazzuoli Moka Chiaroscuro

    I saw this pen a few months back in Aluminum, I loved the idea of having a moka pot in my hand for writing, but $175 was outside of my price range.
    Recently I saw that PenHero had the acrylic version (Chiaroscuro) for $60 which seemed reasonable


    BEAUTIFUL! Aesthetics must be a big part of this design; and has been beautifully executed great attention to detail in engraving and alignment of the pearlescent parts of the acrylic.

    It looks like a polished mother of pearl moka-express pot.
    The acrylic is very nice, black with a pearly silvery section; the chrome accents are nice and smooth

    Pen itself feels relatively short and skinny (compared to Platinum Century and Lamy Safari)
    Length: 4.875 in.
    Posted Length: 5.875 in.
    Diameter: 0.5 in.
    Weight: 0.7 oz.
    Nib Material: Stainless Steel
    Fill Mechanism: Cartridge (this is the small version of the pen)

    Due to the design the pen stands on it own very safely
    The cap screws in 1-1/4 turn and posts in the back, with a hidden screw. Clip is modern, with a flat look but it works fine
    The nib section is interchangeable for a ballpoint as well, and is all steel; this section is narrow but feels comfortable
    This pen takes short intntl cartridges not sure if I could fit a converter Update, no this version can't, the full size can and long cartridges don't fit either

    Nib itself is steel, relatively small
    I expected it to be stiff and relatively smooth; however with a cartridge of Pelikan Koningsblau that came with the pen is super smooth
    Update Nib is smooth but finicky relatively to the angle to the paper; that creates a bit of line variation which I find cool.

    Line width is on the thick side of M; and flow is very nice and wet so next I'll try it with a dryer ink (Dimaine Prussian). It even writes very well upside down in a thin M line.
    Update tried it wit Prussian Blue, and it works well, seems to be a bit dryer than beofre but line width is ~0.6mm

    Pen feels well balanced; and for me it works best posted
    Update; unposted the pen feels tiny but it is light and comfortable for a casual note or a quick job. Posted the balance is better and allows for longer wrting times

    Great EDC pen, would love to see interchangeable nibs
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    Default Re: G.Mazzuoli Moka Chiaroscuro

    $60 is pretty low.. below dealer cost!
    This pen retails for $160 in the US- so $175 is high.

    I sell the MOKA for $129.99
    The only converter that works in it is the Monteverde short converter
    (you can only fill that converter half-way to get it to fit.. so not much writing time!)

    It is a great pen!
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