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Thread: Parker 75: removing the nib from the feed

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    Default Parker 75: removing the nib from the feed

    Conventional wisdom says you shouldn't try to remove a Parker 75 nib from its feed. This is generally good advice as it is not easy to slide the nib off the feed which is a bit fragile and could snap in half:

    image taken from

    However recently I saw an interesting contraption over at which easily deals with this issue:

    S75 C.JPG
    image taken from

    I bought one of these tools to try it out. It has a slot for placing the nib/feed unit and a bullet shaped piston mounted on some type of spring. You only have to press the piston inwards and it will push against the feed, sliding it off the nib:

    Parker 75.jpg
    this one is mine...

    After giving both parts a good cleaning it was easy to slide the nib back on the feed. My only regret is that I have only one P75 so I probably won't use this tool again. If you have a collection of P75s this tool could be very useful.

    No relation to but have bought some stuff from them.

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