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Thread: The Conid's "Bulkfiller" - Why?

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    Default Re: The Conid's "Bulkfiller" - Why?

    The fountain pen is no longer an everyday, useful and necessary object. It has evolved into what is in effect hand jewellery, as electronic communication replaces it. All of the thought and research that went into Conid was a long time after it had become obvious the FP was on its way out. By deep thought, analysis and the use of modern materials, the Conid design solves most of the problems of carrying around a substantial vial of ink, in a form ready for it to be used for writing, on demand. I appreciate the Conid, for what it is, a piece of engineering art that reflects a lot of human thought and experimental efforts. Because I have been a designer, and know about the balancing of contradictory factors, these pens stand to me as representations of the pinnacle of human existence. We are at a stage where we can put our powers and desires into things that are not necessary, just to show we can do it. People just don't do that kind of thing when we are grubbing around in the dirt for subsistence. To me, every man made object contains the accumulated thoughts and knowledge of many people, working together and separately. The point of the pen is where our inner thoughts meet reality and can be communicated to others, and it more than any other instrument lead the way to where we are socially and technologically now. So as a symbol of achievement the Conid has an important philosophical place. The Conid is exactly what all thinking people in 1910 needed. I can see exactly why they are worth their price and why someone would consider paying it.

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    Default Re: The Conid's "Bulkfiller" - Why?

    I still remember this thread on FPN where the Conid is more than just a luxury.

    I still don't own one (and I'm not sure I ever will) but I'm happy they exist.

    I don't understand why people keep talking about the Pilot 823. Ok, they both use rods internally, but for me they're different in terms of design, aesthetic, filling mechanism, nibs etc.


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