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Thread: Private Messages not appearing in Inbox

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    Default Private Messages not appearing in Inbox

    I've experienced this occasionally in the past.

    The last day or so, I've had problems with receiving private messages, even though I've only had three saved messages total between Inbox and Sent. The content of one message I was supposed to receive in my Inbox was fortunately duplicated by email notifications both through vBulletin and Tapatalk. I replied by creating a new private message conversation, but if others are having the same problem, it may never reach the intended recipient.

    Just now I've had another PM notification at the top of the FPGeeks homepage, but nothing appears in the Inbox and there have been no email notifications through vBulletin or Tapatalk. So...if you've sent me a private message, I am unable to read it.

    Has this been happening to anyone else recently?

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    Default Re: Private Messages not appearing in Inbox

    Not that I'm aware of, but when I dumped the entire contents of my inbox yesterday, I discovered that one PM sent to me suddenly showed a bunch of PMs from the sender to other people in a conversation that I don't remember seeing before. Not cool. Luckily nothing compromising that I took in in my one brief glance, but the system shouldn't be acting up like that.
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