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Thread: How do you like your flex?

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    Default How do you like your flex?

    Where flex writing is concerned I prefer to be able to press down to my heart's content on my nib. I find overly delicate dip pens that will catch and splatter a nuisance. Sometimes a really soft flex nib is nice. My example is written with an Esterbrook 922 Radio dip nib which I think could handle my full body weight it's so firm. What do you like?

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    Default Re: How do you like your flex?

    I'm really an Uber noob at dip pens and flex.

    So far I like natural, subtle line variation, but I don't really do calligraphy.

    I sometimes address envelopes with India ink and, so far, Esterbrook 048 Falcon nibs are the best I have for everyday, practical writing like that.

    I just picked up a nice Esterbrook school fine flex that seems promising too.
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    Default Re: How do you like your flex?

    One of the main things I appreciate in fountain pens is that they can simply rest in my hand while writing, in contrast to ballpoint pens. Having to press to achieve flex rather ruins this feeling of floating freedom. This doesn't mean I can handle extremely soft nibs (wet noodles). In my hands they are so uncontrollable that I cannot write smoothly. So, I guess that everyone has their own writing preferences and the flex has to match them.


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